Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

Small Business Owners Need

Small Business Owners Need

Meet Jennifer Cail

I have your back

Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’m on a mission to be your company’s biggest supporter and confidant. And my staff is equally dedicated!

After more than a decade in federal law enforcement, I did what so many people dream of doing – I started my own business! I became a bookkeeping professional because I wanted to do something to empower my fellow entrepreneurs while spending more time with my family.

The people I work with come from all walks of life but have a central goal in mind – to run a highly successful and independent business.

By giving my clients more time to focus on doing what they love most and providing key advice to help achieve business growth, my clients are able to reach the level of business success they always dreamed of!

Medrano & Cail Bookkeeping Professionals Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

Medrano & Cail Bookkeeping Professionals Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

New Business Owner?

We've been there

Did you know that most small businesses fail within the first 5 years?

It’s time for that to change! Part of the reason that small businesses fail is that they struggle to find a financial partner they can truly trust to provide valuable financial advice and the reporting they need to grow.

We help our clients maintain accurate, up to date, and easily accessible financial data they can use to understand their business better and grow it faster!

Let us be your cheerleader and guide you step-by-step to financial success! From setting up your accounting process to making plans to grow your business, we bring the accounting department to you!

Running a Growing Company?

We will grow with you

Do you spend hours of time on tedious data entry only to be mystified by your financial statements? Or worse, unsure if they’re even accurate? Listen, we know the struggle, and we are here to help!

We help you maintain compliance and save you time by taking the administrative work of bookkeeping. Then, we generate and review your profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet together so that you can finally understand the true financial position of your business.

Finally, we share our data with your CPA or qualified tax professional and conference with them on a quarterly basis to make sure that you pay the right amount for quarterly taxes and get the maximum deductions on tax day.

The result? A more empowered, successful, and efficient way of doing business!

We’re a trusted advisor for small business owners throughout the United States. Why? Because we know how to get results! Not only do we provide specialized reporting and analysis, we also help you strategize growth by coordinating with your tax pro!

Medrano & Cail Bookkeeping Professionals Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

Medrano & Cail Bookkeeping Professionals Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

Looking to Level Up?

We've seen just about everything

When it comes to scaling your business, achieving and maintaining positive cash flow is one of the highest impact actions you can take!

We update your financials frequently so that we can truly understand your company’s cash flow. Then, help you make the money moves you need to scale quickly while maintaining business sustainability.

The best part? We’ll cheer you on every step of the way, celebrating your success and brainstorming new ways to grow at every turn!

Big decisions require big financial insights. We become a part of your team to help you focus on the logistics of growing your business, using key financial data to help small business owners scale quickly and efficiently! Leveling up has never been easier!

Concierge Service For Business Owners

What Service We Offer

Medrano & Cail specializes in helping small businesses run more efficiently, effectively, and most of all, profitably! Whether you need basic bookkeeping or full scale advisory services, we can help you accelerate your business growth. When we become a part of your team, we’ll empower you to make huge strides in your business by giving you the financial data you need to make big money moves.

We offer a guaranteed 24-hour response to calls, texts, and emails, helping our business owners feel more confident than ever with on-demand financial insights to make decision making easy! We are a premium service provider for most successful business owners – or those who want to be one someday.

  • Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Catch-Up & Clean-Up

  • Receipt Management

  • Payroll

  • Accounts Receivable

  • 1099 Filing

  • Diagnostic Review

  • QuickBooks Online Training

  • Advisory Services & 1:1 Coaching

  • Accounts Payable

  • Sales Tax Filing

  • On-Site Review of Books

Be part of our elite community of entrepreneurs when you join our platinum level experience! This package has everything you need to grow your company faster and more efficiently. That means you can set BIG goals for your business and achieve them with confidence! The Platinum Package includes:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping

  • 4-Hour Response Window to All Questions

  • Monthly Advisory Sessions

  • Accounts Receivables Management

  • 2 Weekly Check-Ins

  • Text & Email Support

  • KPI Tracking

  • Budgeting

  • Forecasting

For Customers Wanted to Grow Rapidly

Our Platinum Package

Why Work With Us?


Always On-Call &

Always On-Time

Our 24-hour response guarantee is unmatched by others in our industry. When you need us, give us a call, text, or email. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours every single time.

White Glove Bookkeeping Support

We’re not your average bookkeeper We do more than take administrative tasks off your plate. We provide high level insights and advice that you need to run a rapidly evolving – and growing – business!

Nosotros Hablamos Español

Medrano & Cail no solo es una empresa propiedad de latinos, sino que también atendemos a nuestros clientes en español. ¡Estamos orgullosos de hacer que nuestros servicios de contabilidad sean accesibles para nuestra comunidad hispana!

Client Feedback

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Our 5 Star Google Reviews

Lindsey Dulin

Jen has been one of the smartest business decisions I have made. Not only is she great bookkeeper but she is very knowledgable with other things as well. She knows what it takes to scale a business and helps guide me to make sure I am making smart business moves.

Natalie Perez-Benitoa

Jennifer is my go to gal for more than book-keeping! I'm grateful to have her a part of my team, so that I can focus on what I need to focus on, without unnecessary stress. I highly recommend hiring Medrano & Cail if you have a new or seasoned self-employed business!

Caitlyn Schubert

Jennifer is truly next level. Her service is top notch, she is the most responsive and so, so knowledgable. Whatever your bookkeeping needs, I will personally bet she can handle them. She takes the time to educate while problem solving and really is just an absolute saving grace for small business owners. Couldn't recommend her enough!

AquaTech ProClean

Jennifer is an awesome professional! Glad I found her. I tried to find a local vendor but I could not justify paying several hundreds more for a clean up. Very reasonable! FIVE-0 Friendly!! Thank you!

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Medrano & Cail Bookkeeping Professionals Powerful Financial Insights & Analysis

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