Jen Cail

I’m the person you think is your friend because I do so much for your business… but in reality, I am your bookkeeper. When you’re sleeping, I’m crunching numbers to make sure your business is in top financial shape when you wake up. I can tell you all about me, but honestly, I’m pretty sure you want to know how I can help you, let’s cut to the chase. You have a problem or potential problem that you don’t know you have and I have your solution. I realize how this sounds, but it’s true. I’m confident in my ability to serve you. I offer something that other’s don’t, 100% guarantee that I will respond to your calls/text/emails within 24 hours. There’s a small catch though, I’m highly selective on who I work with. Disclaimer: There will be no label for our relationship as this will be a whole new experience. I make sure you walk away confident in the success of your business. When you are successful then I am successful which is why I invest in you. Remember, you get what you pay for. Just like you offer a service unlike any other, I offer a service that you can’t find anywhere else. Take your time shopping around with other bookkeepers. There’s no rush, I know I can provide something that will change the way your business wins!